Bingo Trappers
No Smoking
Ä 15,-
(Muze 21)
Januari 2004

You wouldn't think that a band like Bingo Trappers has its roots in the cold and soggy Netherlands (Amsterdam/Utrecht). The music on their first album with a Dutch label, 'No Smoking', would fit better in a dusty small bar somewhere in Arizona against a background of dry sands and big cactus. Their classically dirty, American-style indie rock sounds like it bubbled up from the Velvet Underground. No Smoking contains diverse styles, but it’s their most consistent album up till now. On this cd you'll just as easily find an indiepop-soapopera song in the tradition of Hüsker Dü as an uptempo ballad which sounds like the missing link between The Band and R.E.M., or a calendar saying as a chorus on a T-Rex beat, or even a Beatlesque song with smashing sixties pop Hammond sounds. And these are only a few of the songs on there... It's simply an adventure!

01 : The Shore
02 : how my life became a Soap
03 : Ninety-three
04 : Queen of Georgia
05 : Central Station
06 : Like Great Explorers
07 : Colorblind download
08 : Jeff & Marc
09 : From the Applehouse to the Jesustree
10 : Williamsburgh
11 : Chasing Rabbits
12 : Wayfare All

Leen Den Braber - drums, vocals
Esther Ey - bass, vocals
Waldemar NoŽ - guitar, vocals

Recorded at the studio Onder de Brug (Nov.02 - Aug.03), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
No Smoking was mixed and produced by Henk Jonkers and the Trappers.
Mastered by Dirk Sloos at Muze headquarters, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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