Chimney Brothers
7" collectable
€ 20,00
(Muze 04)
June 2000

The Chimney Brothers defeat any garage band with this classic single. You never have to travel to Memphis to experience the blues with these guys. With imaginative titles as Calixto, Payola and Soogie Moogie it isnąt that hard anymore to imagine Jerry Lee Lewis having his last supper with Hound Dog Taylor, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Lightniną Hopkins and Muddy Waters as his disciples.

01 : Calixto
02 : Cat Juice

03 : Uptight
04 : Soogie Moogie
05 : Cherry red download
06 : Paola

Arne Wolfswinkel - Guitars
Rik van den Bosch -Guitars, voices
Erik de Bree - Drums
Floris Band -Bass guitar on no. 1
Armand Giesbergen - Samples on no. 5

Ripollet was recorded May-September 1999 at the Chimney Brothers Sound lab and Daisy Bell by Arne.