Chimney Brothers
€ 10
(Muze 09)
May 2001

A journey through Chimney Brothers' imaginative world… Soirée

You get a kinda happy, jumpy feeling when listening to this impressive record… The songs take you on a journey through different but cohesive styles of music: The Chimney Brothers are influenced by music from the '30's to contemporary music. 'Soirée' is partly a pastiche/tribute to late '50's bebop soundtracks for French thrillers… Although the Chimney Brothers are essentially a garage-rock band, this 10" LP is probably their most jazz influenced release up to today. Other styles on this disc vary from lo-fi hiphop to blues-punk to spy/detective instrumentals. The LP cover fits perfectly with the music and the vinyl is also very special: it's yellow transparent!

01 : Chocolate Dandy
02 : The Chinese Keyhole
03 : Cherry Mop
04 : Nylon-glide
05 : Up Tight download
06 : Octodyne
07 : Night in Arabia
08 : Shanghai Gourmet
09 : A Shot In The Dark
10 : Evenin'
11 : Charlie Chan at Massey Hall
12 : Meeting at Midnight
13 : Jamboree
14 : Who Will Ever Move You From Me

Arne Wolfswinkel - Guitars
Rik van den Bosch - Guitars, voices
Erik de Bree - Drums
Floris Band - Bass guitar
Armand Giesbergen - Samples on no. 3, 5, 12, bass on Cherry Mop & Meeting at Midnight

Soirée was recorded October of 2000 to March of 2001 at the Chimney Brothers Sound lab and Daisy Bell. Produced by "360 Sound" Recordings.