(Muze 26)
November 2005

After two promising albums, 'Piranesi's Rome' (2001) en 'Jacky the Stripper' (2002), Muze Records presents Duffhuës' third cd. 'Harem' reflects his most intimate singer-songwriter side. A side which, carefully and minimally lighted by romantic candles, shows the dark emotions in life.

He takes you to a place where almost everything is possible, but also depicts the often-painful emotions when it's not what you had hoped for. A place where frustration and euphoria meet.

He sings about his trips to far lands (this year he visited India and Nepal), but also takes a good look inside him self. With only his guitar and a piano he paints a realistic picture of the world, sometimes dark, sometimes hopeful, always emotional and from time to time with humour.

This album arrives at a perfect moment: the fall. When it's gloomy outside and autumn leaves are falling, after gradually changing colour. In this setting Duffhuës feels right at home. Close your eyes and keep warm with the raw and comforting, characteristic voice of Duffhuës. He reminds us a little of Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and Chris Whitley...

Duffhuës might just grow out to be your best friend this winter.

01 : Turkish Delight download
02 : How I Wish
03 : Arcadia
04 : Into Nothingness download
05 : Harem
06 : The Mediterranean
07 : Another Journey
08 : Chicken Blues
09 : That Night I ...
10 : Marrakesh
11 : Gitano Singer

All songs are written and performed by Duffhuës.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dirk Sloos at Muze central in Eindhoven.

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