Man on Fire
€ 15,00 / € 30,00
(Muze 31)
March 2007

A new cd and musical project by Duffhuës: * Man on Fire / Strings on Fire *

On his fourth album 'Man on Fire' - his second with Muze - Duffhuës opens up his soul both musically and lyric wise. The singer-songwriter/artist replaced his guitar with the piano and the austere arrangements of his previous records have changed into delicate, passionate and romantic string parts.

With 'Man on Fire' also a new musical project was born, titled 'Strings on Fire'. In this project Duffhuës performs new and old songs with the string quartet Quinetique.

On 'Man on Fire' the either raw or comforting, characteristic voice of Duffhuës depicts the deepest emotions in his personal life in heartfelt, intimate love songs or driven, dark and intriguing stories.

Special Edition:
'Man on Fire' will also be released in a limited Special Edition of 100 albums (€ 30,00), in the form of unique small paintings: all numbered, signed and painted by Duffhuës himself...

01 : The Happy Few
02 : All I Ever Wanted download
03 : Lover, Sister, Friend
04 : Delhi Belly Blues download
05 : Familliar Stranger
06 : Bittersweet
07 : Blues All Day
08 : Man On Fire
09 : For Love's Sake
10 : Bad Man
11 : The Hour (03:00)

All Music, lyrics and string arrangements by Duffhuës.
All instruments played by Duffhuës, except for strings, played by Quinetique. Guest vocals on For Love's Sake by Patricia Pequeña.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dirk Sloos at Muze central in Eindhoven.