El Camino
(Muze 14)
September 2002

'Laika' is a slow and overwhelming livingroom record, once again on extra thick vinyl. The songs are introvert and intimate, but at the same time give you a feeling of an intense perception of the open space in the universe. The album is recorded in several livingrooms with an analog fourtrack-recorder. El Camino manages to draw rich sketches in a lo-fi kind of way. The colours on the palette are limited to guitar, occasional keyboards, sounds and samples which together create a special and unique ambiance. The music leads your mind to either a quiet place inside or it levitates you. On Laika, El Camino is experimenting with and searching for their more uncomplicated side.

01 : Val
02 : A ghost A God download
03 : Nightswimmers
04 : The Least We Can Do
05 : Stereoette
06 : Experimental Berlin
07 : Awakers
08 : Insect's Funeral

Erik de Bree - Guitars, voice
Jeroen Kruijshaar - Drums, percussion
Marcel Beijk - Guitars
Willemijn Voerman - Keyboards
Joost Varkevisser - Bassguitar

Additional personnel:
Miriam Gans - Cello on A Ghost A God

The album has been recorded in livingrooms
and mastered by Zlaya and Corno Zwetsloot