Songs For The Happy few
(Grond 1)
November 2001

Hide in the melancholic world of Min… Songs For The Happy Few

These extraordinary musicians from Haarlem sound older than they really are…yet they’re very innovative in their own way. Nick Cave suddenly longs for those obscure darker days again, Leonard Cohen crawls back to his monastery, dEUS will push their album release date yet a little further ahead and Will Oldham wipes a tear from his eye after listening to this debut 7”. It contains three magnificent, beautiful, subtle quiet songs. This single comes in a pretty folded cover and is made of extra thick vinyl like it deserves. Dripping of melancholy, but what a wonderful atmosphere… For those drowsy winter days!

01 : Up Tempo Drinking Ballad
02 : Not An Inch download
03 : Desire

Min is:
Sébastian Cupido: Vocals, guitar, piano
Mark van Holland: Vocals, guitar, effects
Jeroen Blijleve: Vocals, bassguitar
Edwin van den Brink: Vocals, drums

Special guest: Rubin Simons on cabass

Recorded and produced by Rubin Simons/Grond Records in Den Haag

Also available on Grond Records:
Website: www.grond.org