(Muze 02)
Sold Out

A modest debut by a challenging band. This album contains some of their already unique, but somewhat wildly puberal songs and improvisations. On one hand their music can be very rational, almost cold, on the other hand the band surprises with very intimate personal statements. The band has proven to mature quickly when you grant yourself a listen to their latest release "Songs for the Happy Few" on Grond Records, with references to Nick Cave, Palace and Leonard Cohen (Don't get too old, boys!). This single is the first of a trilogy including an album plus film and another single. This trilogy is a project between Min and some (video) artists and will be a co-release by Muze and Grond records. In spring 2001 the band will present this material on stage.

01 : Big Blue car
02 : Pretty with Smile download
03 : Slick's Invention
04 : In Reversed Psychology
05 : Claude
06 : Benjamin's Star Castle
07 : Men & Women
08 : Party
09 : Killing the Pig
10 : John in a Cage

Sèbastian Cupido - Voices, guitars and piano
Mark van Holland - Voices, guitars, bass and piano
Jeroen Blijleve - Bassguitar
Edwin van den Brink - Drums and percussion

Lamina was recorded in winter 1999 at the Johanna Maria in Spaarne, Haarlem by Min.