Sébastian Cupido solo
Words and Melodies
(Muze 17)
June 2003

'Words and Melodies'

Intimate, emotional, vulnerable, melancholic. All these words apply to the first solo effort of Min-frontman and singer/songwriter Sébastian Cupido. In style and sphere, Cupido's music resembles that of Neil Young, Will Oldham and Low. A whispering or strong voice sketches an autobiographical image of the different sides of love, with only a minimum of instrumentation. Not only the music on the ep/cd is special. The packaging is a work of art on its own. Cupido made a magazine, in which he transformed his musical concepts into original drawings. The text in the magazine consists of a letter written by Mark van Holland (Sunny Me, Min). Van Holland took the themes of the songs of the ep - naturally love - and incorporated them with the divorce from his wife Lisa.

'Words and Melodies' with magazine was produced in a limited edition of 250 pieces.

01 : Words
02 : Melodies
03 : Wish They Still Whispered
04 : Those Years For All Those Years download
05 : We Caught A Glimpse download
06 : Now There Is A Lonely Girl At The Table
07 : Who Took The Mistakes

Sébastian Cupido - vocals, guitar, bass
Special guest: Dirk Sloos - backingvocals, dholki

All songs were recorded, mixed/mastered by Dirk Sloos at the Muze Adapted Studio.