Right Time
(Muze 13)
September 2002

Mono is a three-piece indy/noise/rockband from Rotterdam. The music of Mono has the energy of bands like Fugazi, At the drive in and Shellac, and the emotional side of Unwound or Karate. Their debut single 'Right Time' contains three explosive songs. Loud emotional music with lots of dissonant chords, strange rhythms and melodies. The lyrics express personal or general emotions, most of the time in abstract poetry and often with an ironic twist. Mono's songs are energetic, dynamic and refreshing (pressed on thick vinyl...).

01 : Right Time
02 : Everything Is Everywhere
03 : Freight Trains Grind The Rails On The Hottest Afternoon In June

Bart Hoevenaars - Guitar, vocals
Max Maas - Drums, voices
Menno Bouma - Bass guitar

Recorded & mixed, March 1,2&3 at the Bunt's studio,
in Utrecht by Menno Bakker.
Produced by Menno Bakker, Rufus.K & Mono.