Rik van den Bosch
Blues For The Lowlands
(Muze 28)
December 2005

While 'Blues for the lowlands' is less down to the roots, let's call these songs more 'singer songs' with a head and a tail, some people call it Americana in the widest sense of the word, to me it just stays 'Folk' music !!

01 : I Don't Feel
02 : Just For One Day
03 : Karma Man
04 : Ça C'est Le Blues
05 : Blisters Ans Calusses
06 : Volunteer For Your Love download
07 : 40 Ounce And A Bothered Mind
08 : I Will Start Ans Count The Days

All songs are written and performed by Rik van den Bosch.
All instruments by Rik van den Bosch.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dirk Sloos at The Muze Recording Studio in Eindhoven.

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