Rik van den Bosch
Out Of Town
(Muze 24)
Oktober 2005

Two years ago Rik van den Bosch took his guitar and bicycle and went to the United States, the birthplace of blues and country, looking for inspiration. This singer-songwriter from Amsterdam, also singer/guitarist with the fabulous Chimney Brothers, made an audio-story out of his trip, which ultimately became the cd 'From New Orleans to New York' (Muze 16).

Now there's 'Out of Town', officially his first solo album. Nine songs with melancholic lyrics, in which you can still hear Rik's journey resonate. They're mainly folksongs, with spots of blues and country, straight from the bottom of his heart. Rik sounds authentic and warm. On the new album you'll also find three charming cover songs of two heroes of Van den Bosch: Robert Johnson and Huddie William Ledbetter.

01 : Streetvalue
02 : From Four till Late
03 : This Girl Is Not From Here download
04 : 10 Long Days
05 : Where You Once Were
06 : Big Boss
07 : I'm So Glad That I Met You
08 : You Better Come In My Kitchen
09 : Where Did You Sleep Last Night

All songs are written and performed by Rik van den Bosch, except for # nr 2 & nr 9 by Robert Johnson, # nr 9 by Huddie Ledbetter. All instruments by Rik van den Bosch, except for organ on ‘Where You Once Were' by Casper Kinrew.

Recorded & mixed at Caspers place by Casper x & Van den Bosch, mastered by Dirk Sloos at Muze in Eindhoven.

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