Naked in a Clean Bed
(Muze 29)
Mei 2006

We'd like to introduce you to Chantal Acda's (Chacda) first solo album as Sleepingdog. 'Naked In A Clean Bed' wasn't actually meant to be 'out there'. After Chacda's last cd (Tonar, 2005) Chantal got the urge to retreat to the newly build studio in her cellar. Here she could work on some songs in peace and quiet (with her sleeping dog at her feet). Songs that needed to come out, about feelings that can't possibly be put into words, about a world where time passes by too fast. Chantal never intended for the songs, that she considers her most personal and vulnerable until now, to travel beyond the walls of her cellar. But like it often goes; it didn't happen that way. The album has arrived! Wake up the sleeping dogs. There are ten extraordinary beautiful songs they need to hear...

The vocalist, who moved from Holland to Brussels six years ago, played all the instruments and produced the album herself. For the mix Chantal got help from Adam Wiltzie (Stars Of The Lid, The Dead Texan) and Greek-American media artist Christina Vantzou did the artwork. The song 'Blue Flowers' is produced and arranged by Pascal Deweze.

01 : Wheelchair
02 : Slaapje download
03 : Daylight
04 : For a Ride
05 : Softsong
06 : Blue Flowers download
07 : Chief
08 : Times
09 : Spring
10 : In the Pocket

All songs are written and performed by Chantal Acda

Chantal Acda - Guitar, Piano, Vocals, samples, vibraphone

Recorded at Doggiehomestudio, except Blue Flowers recorded by Pascal Deweze in Antwerp
Mixed by Chantal Acda and Adam Wiltzie
Mastered by Dirk Sloos at Laboratoire Audiophile L'amuze