(Muze 35)
September 2009

Suimasen ~ 'Stay.'

Radio Mortale's comment by Jasper van Vught on the release of the new Suimasen record, is sooo to the point! 'Suimasen!
Nope, we're not starting a language course in Japanese. In this case, it's a cry of joy! Why? Well, although Suimasen does mean 'I'm Sorry' in Japanese, the last few years it kinda got a second meaning: 'please hurry up and make that third record finally!' In 2000 and 2001 we released two really phenomenal records of Suimasen ('Suimasen' and 'Flow'), full of space rock and beautiful, widely expanding songs. Their music was often compared to that of Norwegian band Motorpsycho and also Blonde Redhead and Sonic Youth. Of course that was no huge surprise, with members formerly playing in 7Zuma7, 35007 and Alabama Kids. And then it suddenly became very quiet... Seven years of impatient waiting for new song material of this trio from Eindhoven followed. Meanwhile, Jacco van Rooy turned up behind the drum kit of, indeed, Motorpsycho. But, you see! Just when you don't expect it anymore, there it is, 'Stay.', the amazing third album of Suimasen (pronounced soewiemassèhn). Now they can take back their position at the top of the Dutch guitar rock scene.' We couldn’t have said it better than he did…

'Stay.' breathes that Suimasen spirit we know so well. At the same time, the band takes a big step forward: a familiar but more mature sound. The dark atmosphere and tension, occasionally a strong eruption, it's all still there. The three band members took their time for the smallest details, so their songs are more balanced out than ever: a mix of dissonant guitar rock, exciting psychedelics and melancholic (pop) melodies. Inflammable, romantic, rocking your socks off.

'Stay.' contains 11 new tracks, recorded (also mastered) in The Void by Pieter 'Pidah' Kloos and recorded in Lab van Akoestiek by Mark 'Bertje' van der Heijden. Some tracks were recorded at home, by R. van den Brand and N.M. Sanders.

01 : I Miss America download
02 : Your Pleasing Voice
03 : Startin' a New
04 : Strangelove
05 : Something's Wrong With My Ego
06 : Stay or Hide
07 : Sway
08 : Keen
09 : Meet Again
10 : Octobersun
11 : Goodbye Heartbeat

Nick Sanders - Bassguitar, vocals
Rob van den Brand - Guitars, vocals
Jacco van Rooij - Drums

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