(Muze 11)
November 2001

Take A Musical Trip With Suimasen... Flow

Their debut only one year ago simply called 'Suimasen', was a genius piece of work. Not surprisingly however, this three-piece band from Eindhoven managed to top that excellent first album with a more beautiful and dynamic second one: 'Flow'. It's all about creating atmosphere and building and sustaining tension rather than exploding. A careful balance between fragile and rough. Suimasen has a more sophisticated and refreshing approach this time: their vocals are stronger and more in harmony, and they have definitely grown in their song writing skills. There's a lot of room for emotion and you can really feel they've taken the liberty to experiment. The music on 'Flow' makes you think of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Sonic Youth, all of them mixed together in a perfect blend. Music of a hypnotising subtle beauty coming from a band described as a 'new guitar band with international allure'.

They are one of the few really original bands in today's guitar scene and they definitely have their own particular sound, also thanks to the production. And this album is extra special, because it's made of extra thick vinyl!

Let yourself be swept of your feet by the creative minds of Suimasen...

01 : Welcome To My World download
02 : Hey
03 : Tea Time
04 : I Was Alone
05 : Night Falls
06 : Morning Rush
07 : Lights On
08 : Badstorymemory
09 : Thoughts Of Concrete
10 : Flow
11 : Life, A Silly Game

Nick Sanders - Bassguitar, vocals
Rob van den Brand - Guitars, vocals
Jacco van Rooij - Drums

Recorded by Pidah in the 'Void' Eindhoven

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