Muze Projects

Neefjes en Nichtjes
The English translation of Neefjes en Nichtjes is Nephews and Nieces. Untill now this project has resulted in two cd's "Neefjes en Nichtjes" and "Les Neveux et les Nieces" (Nephews and Nieces in French). It's a cooperation between artists, musicians, literature, theatre and film. On the album all these disciplines are presented which results in beautifully designed packages and promising music. Live these presentations result in spontanious happenings where art, music, theatre and literature find their place. Every year, around september, Muze will introduce a new cooperation under the same name with old and new talents.

Muze Art Room
Muze designed a room in the Winston Hotel, Amsterdam. It's called Muze Room 001. It's designed initially by Karin Langeveld and Erik de Bree. Moosje Goosen introduced the Post project. The exhibition in this room contains letters, photographs, sketches, art, whatever sent in by relations of Muze or even people who slept in this room. Every two months the upgraded version of this exhibition will be presented in this room supported by small musical projects, film or readings.