Muze Shop

If you
wish to place an order, please follow these procedures:

1. Make a clear order, look at releases on this site: name index, band, title and price
(muze 07, Dress, Self-important,
14 )
Send your email to:

or call +31(0)492 77 04 46

2. We'll return a confirmation a.s.a.p with account number and total price including postage.

Postage for a CD is 3 (up to 3 Kg) and 7 for LP's (up to 10 Kg) in the Benelux!
International shipping and handling is € 7.50

3. You can do an international payment to Muze, Helmond, The Netherlands.
IBAN: NL80 INGB 0009157029
With your address and release number.

3. After receiving the money we'll send you the items requested.



For customers with credit card: