Rik van den Bosch (of the Chimney Brothers)
Musical Impression Of A Journey From New Orleans To New York
to be re-released asap
(Muze 16)
Januari 2003
Limited edition of 80

"My plan was to travel from New Orleans to New York in three months with my guitar and by bicycle. I wanted to experience the music I would find along the route and have my walkman recorder ready whenever needed. The first plan was to do the whole trip on my bicycle. Because I had too much to carry and I never refuse a ride offered by a nice lady and be California bound. From then on I decided to take greyhounds too and take the bicycle along on the bus…"

Read the rest of the introduction to this cd, written by Rik himself. He travelled from New Orleans to New York between March 3rd and June 3rd 2002. This record is an adventurous musical impression of his journey through the States.

01 : Jazzband in the 'Maison Bourbon' download
02 : The legendary Carl Drew song
03 : Standing at the crossroads download
04 : Shake it down baby
05 : When you come in contact with Jesus Christ
06 : Band in the People's Temple
07 : J.B. Theme
08 : cookingsounds on the background
09 : Crawling Kingsnake
10 : How're y'all doin'
11 : Good words I hate to loose
12 : Desperado Woman
13 : Why did you leave me here all alone
14 : What's the red light on for then
15 : Oh no, y' don't want me no mo
16 : Mississippi Mocking bird
17 : You get me through the night
18 : Piano man

All tracks are recorded by Rik van den Bosch on a Sony recordable walkman with an ECM-717 stereo microphone.
Overdubs on track 11 were done at the Skyline motel in San Antonio with Erica's portable cassette recorder.
Mixed at the 'Tomas Gons studio' in Amsterdam.